My Kid Ate My Weed

My Kid Ate My Weed

Raw Cannabis Digestion May Be The Next Super Food

My Kid Ate My Weed

Nothing makes you feel like a shitty human being more than walking into the living room to find your 1 year old daughter scooting around with your drugs hanging from her mouth.

Before you call social services on me, at least let me explain.

When I say drugs, I mean raw cannabis. A little bud must have fallen out of my sack, onto the ground and found its way into her snaggle toothed mouth whilst she was crawling around during play time.

My first reaction when I found her chowing down on my stash was to rush over, snatch it from her mouth and then viciously berate myself over how low I’ve come in life…. So that’s what I did.

I beat myself up. I called myself a drug addict. I wondered how I could be so careless as to put my own child in harms way.

Why though? If I believe in the healing properties of marijuana with such resolve as I claim, did I have a reason to hold myself in such contempt? 

If we think alike, when you hear the word drug, the first image that pops into your head is a needle. Not a clean one either. I’m talking about a scabby, overused heroin needle. If we are going to evaluate my reaction based upon the view of the popular majority, it must be understood that a filthy needle, (or similar alternative ), is exactly the representative that appears before most people’s minds when the word “drug” is presented because the representation of a needle reflects the mainstream view of marijuana demonization. The needle represents an abysmal level of addiction that a drug user has stooped to and the inferred apparition is a diluted belief that any person, who uses any drug, in any form or by any means, has a serious problem and plays Russian Roulette daily with a loaded gun of severe health penalties.


Children shouldn’t play with guns, right?

No they shouldn’t; and while all these thoughts passed through me in the blink of an eye, if you’re reading this article chances are fair that you don’t need me to inform you about the prejudicial victimization that has been shown by government institutions, wealthy corporations and religious organizations worldwide, bringing the planet’s most useful herb into disrepute. We’ve been deceived for most of our lives, having been warned repeatedly of the illusory dangers of cannabis. Decades of lies cannot be forgotten overnight can they?

They cannot, but the best way to dispel the darkness is to introduce it to the light, so step into the light with me. See, what I found after my stash was happened upon by my child flies in the face of literally everything I have ever been told about cannabis and the way it interacts with the human body.

What did I find then?

Raw weed. If your kids accidentally eat it, should you call the poison control center?

The simple answer to this question is no, but be that as it may, in light of the above understanding of the word “drug” you may desire more than a one word answer, (a lifetime of disinformation and all that), so sit tight- the following information may change your entire view on one of the world’s most dangerously hyped illicit substances.

The first positive about consuming raw cannabis, especially when viewed in the context of accidental consumption by children, is that it cannot get you high. Since heat is necessary to convert the THC-A, (THC Acid), in raw cannabis into THC, its psychoactive component, ingesting marijuana through methods such as juicing provides a way of obtaining an overload of the plant’s benefits, without getting stoned.

“That’s positive; no high?” You ask.

Sure it is. That’s not only great news for kids who eat their parents weed, but for athletes, businessmen and parents on the go.


Juicing raw cannabis is actually a popular method for many people who desire to take advantage of the plant in its raw form daily. Juicing it enables the user to take advantage of the medical properties of the most useful cannabinoids found therein, without exceeding the tolerable limit. The plants most powerful medicinal property, CBD, is made more readily available to your body through this raw consumption method by giving the chemical a significant advantage as a medicine; offering all of the pluses delivered at higher doses with minimal side effects. Basically what I am getting at is this: you don’t have to be sick to reap the benefits of raw cannais and you are able to administer it at far higher doses than with edibles or oils.

Essential Amino Acids, anti-microbial and anti-oxidizing… these may all be alien words associated with cannabis, but believe it or not, there are moves being made in the medical community that are advocating for this association to be recognized worldwide. Along with the trio of fancy words above, there’s a whole congregation of trusted names that add to the credibility of cannabis as a nutritional powerhouse.

Flavonoids- a plant metabolite attributed to an array of health benefits joins rockstar couple Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are also introduced with the consumption of raw cannabis.


Medical professionals like Dr. William Courtney recommend the use of raw cannabis as a nutritional supplement to be taken in the interest of general good health just as one might take a vitamin to try ensure that all that their body’s internal systems are running smoothly. 

“Five years ago,” he explains in an article detailing the power of raw cannabis, “I wouldn’t prescribe cannabis for follow on to medical school because I was such a skeptic and now it’s really clear to me that cannabis is a vegetable. It’s not psychoactive until humans alter it, so the whole psychoactive thing is a human aspect of the plant and has nothing to do with 34 million years of evolution that plant has… it’s a dietary essential so I never even refer to it as medicine anymore.”

If you’re like me you just reread that quote a couple of times over. The implications of all that cannabis can do for us as a continually evolving species is astounding and advancements like the ones Dr. Courtney and his team are responsible for present us with an exciting picture of the role cannabis is to play in all of our futures.

On a much smaller scale however, in the role of continually evolving parenthood, there is no reason to beat yourself up if your kid eats your weed. On the contrary,  you should probably be patting yourself on the back for promoting good health…but as much as I hate to cut this conversation short, I’ve been sitting here writing while my daughter plays and now lunchtime is upon us… has anyone seen my bag of weed?

Stay responsible folks.