60 Softgels – The Natural Super Potent Joint Supplement for Cats


Antinol is a super potent natural joint plus wellness supplement that is changing dog’s and cat’s lives for the better. Each tiny softgel is made from a patented blend of marine lipid oils that are fully traceable, sustainably sourced and free from preservatives and fillers.

Use daily for joint and mobility support, as well as a wellness + preventative for those looking to be proactive about their pet’s health.

Health Benefits Of Antinol Includes:

  • – Supports wellness for joint, skin and coat health.
  • – A natural patented unique stabilization and production process to support your pet’s health and wellness.
  • – Highly concentrated, encapsulated oil-based form that preserves the active ingredients for optimal results..
  • – Highly bioavailable to maximize efficacy, which is a significant difference with other competitive products that claim similar outcomes..
  • – May help relieve occasional discomfort and inflammation
  • – Contains no mussel powder.
  • – Supports a normal inflammatory response
  • – May decrease cognitive disfunction and its safe for long-term use