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Importance Of Salt In Horses

Salt is a common additive to horse feed and water, but does it have any benefits? The benefits of salt for horses Maintain good health Improves performance Protect your horse from the heat Protects from dehydration The sodium in salt is important in regulating blood pressure and maintaining normal blood volume Reduces the risk of […]

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Purpose Of Amino Acids In Horses

Amino acids are the basic unit of proteins. Proteins are important for the growth and development of horses. The body uses amino acids to create new proteins, rebuild old proteins, and perform other essential functions. Amino acids are needed to make much more than muscle. Enzymes, antibodies, hemoglobin, cellular receptors, cytokines and many hormones are all […]

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Horse Rugging In Winter, rugging horses, equine rugging

Horse Rugging In Winter

Horse rugging can be a valuable asset when the weather turns cold. Horses that are well-nourished and kept warm in cold weather are less likely to suffer from illness or injury. Some people also keep rugs around their horses’ stalls to help them stay comfortable and dry.  But before deciding to rug your horse there are […]

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