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An injectable haematinic is the quickest way to improve the quality of a horse’s blood. This treatment is essential when managing iron deficiencies in performance horses, including nutritional and sports related anaemia. HEMO-15® is an injection that provides essential iron, vitamins and amino acids for red blood cell production.

Hemo 15 Equality intramuscular or intravenous solution 1 bottle 100 ml


Pigs, Cattle, Horses


Added to normal solutions for infusional fluid therapies based for example on amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes, dextrose. For the reconstitution in the post-race phases and the essential elements lost due to race stress. Enhancer of energy production.

Hemo-15 -


Administer slowly intravenously or deep intramuscularly. Horse: 1 ml per day for every 45 kg live weight, every 48 hours for 7-10 days (4-5 administrations). Administered 24 hours before the race it can enhance energy efficiency. After the competition it helps in the treatment of essential stress losses. Cattle and pigs: 1 ml per day for every 45 kg of live weight, every 48 hours for 7-10 days (4-5 doses). Adjuvant in the treatment and prevention of debilitating conditions characterized by vitamin-mineral deficiencies and as a support to chemoantibiotic therapy. Poison 15ml injection


Benzyl alcohol 20 mg, ppi water qs to 1 ml. Athletic & Body Care, Horse Care, Medication


Could A Supplement Ease the Effects of Tying Up? , 日本の競馬サプリメント

Could A Supplement Ease the Effects of Tying Up?

Tying-up, or exertional rhabdomyolysis, is a frustrating problem that sport and racehorse trainers try diligently to prevent. Fortunately, there’s some good news: Japanese researchers recently tested a supplement designed to alleviate both tying-up episodes and the muscle damage, with positive results. Anti Inflammatory

Fumio Sato, DVM, PhD, of the Japan Racing Association’s (JRA) Hidaka Training and Research Center, presented the study results at the 2013 American Association of Equine Practitioners’ Convention, held Dec. 7-11 in Nashville, Tenn.

Tying-up is a term used to describe a variety of muscle disorders in equine athletes. Affected horses develop varying degrees of muscle cramping or muscle soreness after exercise, with the more severe cases accompanied by elevated respiratory and heart rates, dark urine, and reluctance to move or stand.

The supplement researchers tested in the current study included astaxanthin and L-carnitine, Sato explained. The former, he said, has strong antioxidant effects, while the latter has been shown to enhance fatty acid oxidation (a process the body uses for normal energy production and immune function).

Sato and colleagues studied the supplement’s effects on blood serum markers of exercise-induced muscle damage and tying-up episodes in Thoroughbred racehorses in training.

The supplement Sato used in his study contains 75 mg of astaxanthin and 3,000 mg of L-carnitine

Photo: Courtesy Dr. Fumio Sato

The team fed the supplement—which contained 75 mg of astaxanthin and 3,000 mg of L-carnitine—to 31 horses in training daily for eight weeks; 32 control horses did not receive supplementation. The researchers collected blood samples from each horse before supplementation began and three days and eight weeks after supplementation started. They also evaluated any instances of tying up.

The team’s key findings included:

  • After eight weeks, the control horses had significantly higher creatine kinase (CK, an enzyme indicative of muscle damage) activity compared to their levels at three days; the supplemented horses showed no difference in CK activity between three days and eight weeks;
  • After eight weeks, the control group had significantly higher CK levels than the supplemented group;
  • Supplemented horses tended to have lower lactate dehydrogenase-5 (another enzyme indicative of muscle damage) levels than control horses; and
  • Supplemented horses (10.4%) experienced significantly fewer instances of tying up during the eight-week period than control horses (34.5%). Blast Off Extreme

Based on those findings, Sato concluded, “Continuous dietary administration of astaxanthin and L-carnitine attenuates exercise-induced muscle damage and can prevent the onset of tying-up syndrome in Thoroughbred horses.”

Sato said the supplement used in his study is commercially available in Japan and is widely used by the Thoroughbred industry there. “I hear that the reputation of the supplement is very good,” he said. He also noted that it will likely be available for purchase in the United States in the future.

Going forward, he said, he and his team hope to study astaxanthin’s effects on conditioning, immunity, and fertility in mares.

Disclaimer: Seek the advice of a qualified veterinarian before proceeding with any diagnosis, treatment, or therapy.


Bonutron Trot Audevard Bionutron Racing ,Bonutron Trot Audevard , Bionutron Racing, Food Supplement For Troters, Bonutron Trot Boîte de 3kg

Bonutron Trot- Audevard

BONUTRON TROT AUDEVARD – FORMERLY BIONUTRON RACING – FOOD SUPPLEMENT FOR TROTERS – NON DOPING PRODUCT Boutron Trot Horse AUDEVARD is a complementary food horse suitable for periods of courses et of training du trotting horse. The new formula of Bonutron Trot compensates for the deficiencies of all types of usual diets: fodder and barley / oats with or without industrial food. Bio blocker 100ml The benefits of the new formula of Bonutron Trot AUDEVARD for the trotting horse: – Strengthening of skeleton and horse’s joints (Vitamin D and Calcium)- Muscle support of the horse (Magnesium ideal to a good contraction)
-Develops the muscle mass of the horse (amino acids -lysine and threonine- structural elements of muscle fibers)
– Promotes good use horse energy (Carnitine source of energy)- Protection against stress oxidative (Polyphenols which is a powerful antioxidant)- Strengthening the intestinal flora (Probiotic). Dexaone 50ml works great The pellet Bonutron Trot Horse are scented at the apple.

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Pfizer Genotropin Pen 36IU 12mg Somatropin , Hormone And Peptides, buy genotropin hgh for sale, genotropin bodybuilding , genotropin dosage, genotropin go quick, genotropin mini quick, genotropin price, genotropin results, genotropin reviews, Pfizer Genotropin Pen 36IU 12mg For Sale

Pfizer Genotropin Pen 36IU 12mg Somatropin

What exactly is Genotropin?

Genotropin refers to a type of human growth hormone which is essential for the development of the muscles and the bones.

It is used for treating the failure of development in adults as well as kids who do not have an adequate amount of natural growth hormone within their system. Apart from this, we also use Genotropin for treating short bowel syndrome in adults and also to prevent a significant loss of weight because of AIDS. There are likewise other uses of Genotropin that we have not mentioned in this article.

Essential information:

Genotropin must not be used by any individual suffering from malignancy, diabetic retinopathy, or in case he or she is having severe breathing issues, not to mention weight problems as well Any individual struggling with a serious illness due to complications from any recent surgery, lung condition or medicinal trauma should likewise avoid this medicine whatsoever. White Lightening

Before taking the medication:

One must not use Genotropin in case he or she is allergic to benzyl alcohol, or in case they have:
• Active malignancy
• Eye problems because of diabetes
• A severe illness caused by lung failure or any complication arising from any recent injury, surgery, or medicinal trauma
• They are overweight or are suffering from serious breathing issues.
It will be prudent to talk to the medical practitioner in case one ever had
• Cancer
• Any disorder in the pituitary gland
• Diabetes
• Unusual curvature of the spine
• Brain tumor or head injury
• Underactive thyroid
• Brain cancer during childhood and radiation therapy. Bio Blocker

Make it a point not to give Genotropin to any child without consulting with your doctor.

How should Genotropin be used?

The dose of Genotropin and how frequently it should be used depends on what type of condition you are suffering from Use the medication according to the directions after following all the guidelines on the prescription label. Genotropin has to be administered under your epidermis or directly into your muscle. A healthcare provider might take the responsibility of teaching you exactly how to use the medication on your

Go through all the instructions meticulously and do not use Genotropin in case you are not able to comprehend the guidelines properly. Never shake the medication prior to using it Never use it in case it becomes cloudy in appearance, or has changed colors as well. In that case, visit your pharmacist to get a brand new medication.

In case Genotropin arrives along with a cartridge, a syringe, or an injection pen use only that specific device that came to you You might entail physical tests on a regular basis. Stick to the diet regime provided to you by your doctor for helping you to control your ailment.

Make it a point to use the syringe and the needle just once and put them in a puncture-proof container after usage. Abide by any local or state regulations regarding how to throw away the container. Do not keep it within the reach of your pets as well as kids.

Storing Genotropin:
How Genotropin will be stored will depend on the brand as well as the diluent that you are using. Take the help of your pharmacist in case you do have any doubts regarding how to store the medication.

Additional information:
Never share the medicine with other folks and use it only for the symptom recommended. Take the advice of your physician to make sure that the info mentioned in this post applies to your individual circumstances. Apaan Powder

Pfizer Genotropin Pen 36IU 12mg Somatropin , Hormone And Peptides, buy genotropin hgh for sale, genotropin bodybuilding , genotropin dosage, genotropin go quick, genotropin mini quick, genotropin price, genotropin results, genotropin reviews, Pfizer Genotropin Pen 36IU 12mg For Sale

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Buy Retardoesteroide 50ml online

Retardoesteroide 50ml

RETARDOESTEROIDE 50ml is a suspended solids solution. It works on glycogen production for more than 5 days while it has been shown to reduce allergic reactions, inflammation and swelling for about 3 weeks

Properties reduce inflammation, itching, reduce allergic symptoms, relieve pain due to joint inflammation. As well as other symptoms due to joint inflammation The drug’s anti-inflammatory effect is higher. Hydrocortisone 50 times and Glycocorticoide activity 83 times higher than Hydrocortisone. One injection for treatment. Reduce symptoms of dermatitis and lymphatic. Make the wound heal faster Causes ketosis in cattle to reduce symptoms rapidly

Indications Cattle : ketosis, secondary acetonemia, eggs, milk, septicemia, mastitis, arthritis, muscle inflammation, tendon inflammation, allergies, dermatitis, inflammation generally, shock and joints moving.

Pigs : lack of milk Lymphatic dermatitis Duty, shock and deterioration

Sheep : Septicemia, degenerative joints, allergies and postpartum paralysis.

Dosage and use Injected into a muscle or joint Do not inject into a vein !!!!

Cattle: intramuscular injection, use a dose of 10-30 mg / intravenous injection, use a dose of 6-30 mg

Pigs and sheep use size 1 cc per 10 kg body weight.

The size of the drug used per above time Subject to change Generally, a single dose is sufficient for therapeutic use. But if necessary, the drug can be repeated again.

Contraindications – Do not use in animals with heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

-The use of this drug in animals with tuberculosis. Cushing’s syndrome and peptic sore nephritis must be used only when urgent treatment is required.

Caution- Should not be used in terminally pregnant animals. Because it will cause miscarriage

– Do not use one syringe that is used with other drugs.

– An overdose Will have the same effect as Another corticosteroide is that animals exhibit abnormally high thirst. And urinating very abnormally These symptoms will disappear. At the end of treatment


Horse Endurance Supplements For Sale Online Kentucky ,Supplementing The Endurance Horse, buy American horse racing supplements online

Supplementing The Endurance Horse

Endurance racing is the ultimate equestrian event, where horses and riders are tested on speed over long distances. Riders understand the need to support overall health first, and then focus on providing a cool source of fuel for race day, as well as efficient recovery after exercise. That means providing a formula that maintains all the aspects of your horse’s body including weight, digestion and hooves. See the Platinum Performance formulas that endurance riders prefer.

Fueling Champions

with the Power of Nutrition

Build a Simple Supplement Plan

Step 1: Choose the Right Wellness Formula

Platinum Performance® Equine Wellness

Platinum Performance® Equine. The Equine Wellness & Performance FormulaThis veterinarian-developed formula supports every aspect of horse health and performance including joints, muscles, hooves, skin & coat, mane & tail, digestion, and much more by delivering omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants,vitamins and trace minerals.

Platinum Performance® GI

Platinum Performance® GI The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Digestive CareEquine gut health is not only important for proper digestion, but also immunity, as an estimated 70-80% of the immune system lives in a horse’s gastrointestinal system. This veterinary-developed formula provides a gastrointestinal-focused approach to total equine health by providing omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, along with Bio-Sponge®, prebiotics, probiotics and glutamine for GI support.


Tetanus Toxoid horse camel therapy

Tetanus Toxoid 10ml

TETANUS TOXOID aids in the prevention of tetanus, a potentially fatal equine bacterial disease caused by Clostridium tetani. Tetanus toxoid is considered a core equine vaccine by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, and all horses should receive annual vaccination.

The tetanus bacteria can be present in the intestinal tract and feces of horses, other animals and humans. It can be abundant in the soil, with bacterial spores able to survive in the environment for years, creating a continuous risk for horses and people. Transmission can occur through puncture wounds, open lacerations, exposed tissue and surgical incisions.1 Cre-O-Pan

Key Benefits

Monovalent vaccine to aid in the prevention of tetanus.

TETANUS TOXOID is adjuvanted with MetaStim®, which enhances the horse’s immune response and promotes the proper rate of vaccine absorption following innoculation.2-3

Protective tetanus antibody titers typically occur two weeks after the second injection of the initial series.

  • Dosing & Administration
    • Inject one 1-mL dose intramuscularly using aseptic technique.
      • Administer a second 1-mL dose four to eight weeks after the first dose.
      • A 1-mL booster dose should be given annually.
    • In the event of injury during the initial vaccination program, or if annual boosters have not been given, a prophylactic dose of at least 1,500 units of tetanus antitoxin should be given.
    • Temporary local reactions at the injection site may occur.
    • In case of anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine.Packaging
    • 10-dose vial
    • 12 one-dose syringes
  • References1 American Association of Equine Practitioners. Core Equine Vaccination Guidelines. https://aaep.org/guidelines/vaccination-guidelines. Accessed August 15, 2017.2 Davis EG, Zhang Y, Tuttle J, Hankins K, Wilkerson M. Investigation of Antigen Specific Lymphocyte Responses in Healthy Horses Vaccinated with an Inactivated West Nile Virus Vaccine. Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2008;126(3-4):293-301.3 Davis EG, Bello NM, Bryan AJ, Hankins K, Wilkerson M. Characterisation of immune responses in healthy foals when a multivalent vaccine protocol was initiated at age 90 or 180 days. Equine Vet J. 2014. doi:10.1111/evj.12350.

CAUTIONS: Store in the dark at 2° C to 7° C (35° F to 45° F). AVOID FREEZING. SHAKE WELL. Transitory local reactions at the injection site may occur. Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter. In case of anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine. King Cobra 100ml Therapy

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Horse camel racing therapy and beauty contests

Latest compression-suit technology comes to camel racing and beauty contests

Emirati camels have never been considered the flashiest or most beautiful in international circles.

Their accessories cannot compete with the jangling anklets of Rajasthan’s state animal. In size, they’re humbled by the Bactrian titans of Central Asia. In grace and speed, they fall behind the white sprinters of Sudan.

But when the must-have camel accessory of 2015 arrives, Emirati camels will turn heads.

This week, the German entrepreneurs who brought the world pine-scented camel shampoo have announced their newest product idea for pampered camels: a full-body leotard that helps race camels run faster and “beauty” camels stand taller.

Compression suits are worn by race horses around the world to improve performance by increasing blood flow. Top-secret testing for a camel version is now under way in ­Australia.

“If it’s fitting the horse, why we don’t do it for the camel?” says Anne Wolter, who is the head of research and development for Al Shibla, the Al Ain-based luxury camel-and-horse-product company. “We can compare it with the compression socks we get in the hospital. It activates the blood circulation in the muscle. Dectomax

“If there’s a health problem, people usually just call the vet and ask for an injection, but there are physio-therapy treatments, and the compression suit is a physiotherapy treatment.”

The Germans launched their horse and saluki compression suits at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (Adihex) on Wednesday.

Their target market is the Arabian Peninsula’s multi-million-dollar camel-race industry.

Al Shibla has teamed up with a compression suit company in Australia, where suits are commonly used at endurance races. The company is the sole regional distributor for horse suits and has helped develop a suit for salukis, the Gulf race hounds.

Snug compression suits are made of soft, thick material that covers the body, increasing circulation by slightly constricting blood vessels. Worn before or after training, the suit causes more blood and oxygen to reach the muscles, reducing the lactic acid build-up that causes cramping. The animal is entirely covered, except for the neck and head.

“[The animals] are much fitter, so you can just see everything has a good blood circulation,” says Birgit Kemphues, the director of Al Shibla. “They just get more power, it looks healthier and you have a healthy horse. At the moment we’re focused on the horses, and the salukis are the next step for us.”

Suits for salukis, which are slender and athletic like horses, require very few alterations.

A skin-tight fit for a camel, however, has its own difficulties – after six months of research, the design is still a work in progress.

While race horses have a sleek and streamlined uniformity, race camels are too lumpy for a one-size-fits-all suit.

It’s not just the variability in hump size, but hump placements that ­matters.

It’s expected that camel suits will be made to measure for each individual. A camel’s vital statistics? Neck to hump, hump to tail and shoulder to hip.

“It’s the same as if you’re going for a fitting for a dress,” says Wolter.

A camel’s knee and breast are two other unforeseen difficulties. While horses typically rest standing, a camel sits on folded knees with its breast rubbing against the ground. Extra thick and durable material will need to be tailored for these parts of the body.

There have been early dress rehearsals in Australia, but camels Down Under are often of Central Asian stock, which means that they’re a completely different shape. So designs will be made to order and tested on Al Ain ­dromedaries.

“We are not yet done with these things,” says Wolter. “It’s still a secret of what exactly is going on.”

Al Shibla is planning suit designs for juvenile camels, from six months to four years, and mature camels.

If the experiment with race camels is a success, it will try to break the beauty-camel market. In an industry where a single camel sells for millions, it’s a lucrative prospect.

While beauty camels are graceful and languid in their movements, the suits will help them travel in comfort, so they arrive at a competition relaxed and looking their best. Tests show suits reduce water loss by a third on long-haul flights, and Wolter believes that it will also reduce their stress on long road trips across the Arabian Peninsula for major beauty pageants.

At regional pageants, like Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra Festival, camels are trucked thousands of kilometres. Some owners march their camels to beauty pageants to avoid the stress of travel by car, but it is a timely and costly undertaking. Compression suits could offer an attractive alternative for owners and a more comfortable experience for the camel.

A suit for beauty camels is a long way away. Beauty camels, the tall and curvaceous majahim breed that originated in Saudi Arabia, are a completely different shape to the slender race camels commonly found around Al Ain and the Northern Emirates. “It will never fit,” says Wolter.

The two-month trial period for the horse active suit was well received by owners and horses alike. Horse owners, accustomed to international racers, technology, trainers and ideas from outside the Gulf, were already familiar with the concept and welcomed the local brand.

It remains to be seen whether camels are as easy-going about suiting up. The process of zipping up can take 10 minutes, but it gets faster as the animal and owner adjust to the ­process.

It’s not just camels that may take some persuasion. Camel owners are notorious traditionalists. But once a style catches on, be it belly-dance belts for humps or dangling plastic gold necklaces, everyone wants in. Races, above all, are about showmanship, and the concept of the suit has been well received.

“The camel people, when we told them, they got surprised,” says Wolter.

Once the entrepreneurs explained that the suits could be decorated with the owners’ or camels’ names, colour, design or national flags, owners were on board.

“People, they just come to hear some news, what’s happening,” says Kemphues. “They are really hungry, I must say, hungry for this suit. They are looking all the time for new items and how they can improve the speed of their ­camels.

“In the past four years, I feel there is more and more interest, more races and more [financial] benefit to the races.”

Saluki owners, whose racers yield smaller wins and smaller fame, may be a more difficult ­market.

“In general in the market, slowly there are changes coming,” says Wolter. “If things are stuck in the mind, they will stay in the mind, but slowly people are adapting to new things.”

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How to get Etherlite coin through faucet?, Ethereum 2.0

EtherLite BICO/ICO The Ethereum 2.0

How to get Etherlite coin through faucet? EtherLite is a pure POS-based blockchain network, surfacing to create a space where all the major DApps can be bought over under one roof and dealt with in a cost-effective manner, expanding the base of blockchain development and usage in the community.

Etherlite will be airdropping a total of 2.1 Billion ETL coins to ETH holders. Hold your ETH in a private wallet at the time of snapshot to be eligible to claim the airdrop. The snapshot will be taken on May 1st, 2021 Yodi at Ethereum block no 12345678. Eligible holders will be able to claim ETL starting from July 1st, 2021.Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Hold your ETH in a private wallet during the snapshot.
  2. A snapshot will be taken on May 1st, 2021, at Ethereum block no 12345678.
  3. Eligible holders will be able to check their balance on the Etherlite website starting from June 15th, 2021 and can be claimed from July 1st, 2021.
  4. A total of 2.1 Billion ETL coins will be airdropped in which all eligible holders will be able to claim between 10 – 15 ETL per 1 ETH.
  5. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this Medium article.

Etherlite The Ethereum 2.0

ETL is EtherLite’s network native token. It is used to run the network starting with the adopted Proof of Stake consensus mechanism whereby staking ETL is necessary for one to become a public validator node. In addition, ETL is used for network governance and payment of fees. participate in IBCO(ICO) & be a part of EtherLite.

Hold Your ETH to Get free ETL

On the 1st of May you will receive your free ETL Token according to the ETH balance you are holding in your wallet. Don’t miss the chance to earn free ETL tokens hurry! Ketaset


Sputolysin Poeder 420g, Sputolysin Powder

Sputolysin Poeder 420g

Sputolysin® is a secretolytic for use in respiratory disease in horses. Efficacy has been demonstrated in lung function tests. Clinical use and pharmacological studies in laboratory animals established the following mechanisms of action:

1) pronounced expectorant effects

2) secondary anti-tussive action

3) an increase in the anti-atelectase factor which compensates for decreases in lung surfactant (lowered surface tension in the alveolar region caused by stress and disease)

4) increased lung compliance

Sputolysin Poeder 420g, Sputolysin Powder