Glucovet 250ml

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Glucovet is a glucose and amino acid injectable solution for ketosis and hypoglycemia’s treatment in general it can be used in cases of feed or drug intoxications in different animal species.

Glucose 310 mg
Fructose 10 mg
Methionine 40 mg
Arginine 1 mg
Excipient q.s. 1 ml

INDICATIONS: Indicated for hypoglycaemia and dehydration.

TARGET SPECIES: Swine, Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Ovine and Dogs.

ADMINISTRATION ROUTE: Intravenous or subcutaneous.

DOSE: Dose and duration of the treatment will be determinate by the condition of the animal as the Vet judges.
In general terms it’s recommended:
Cattle and horses: 250 ml/animal per day, intravenous.
Swine: 50 a 250 ml/animal per day, subcutaneous.
Sheep and goats: 100 ml/animal per day, subcutaneous.
Dogs: 50 a 100 ml/animal per day, intravenous.

WITHDRAWAL PERIOD: Not applicable.

SHELF-LIFE: 3 years from production date.