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Retardoesteroide 50ml

RETARDOESTEROIDE 50ml is a suspended solids solution. It works on glycogen production for more than 5 days while it has been shown to reduce allergic reactions, inflammation and swelling for about 3 weeks

Properties reduce inflammation, itching, reduce allergic symptoms, relieve pain due to joint inflammation. As well as other symptoms due to joint inflammation The drug’s anti-inflammatory effect is higher. Hydrocortisone 50 times and Glycocorticoide activity 83 times higher than Hydrocortisone. One injection for treatment. Reduce symptoms of dermatitis and lymphatic. Make the wound heal faster Causes ketosis in cattle to reduce symptoms rapidly

Indications Cattle : ketosis, secondary acetonemia, eggs, milk, septicemia, mastitis, arthritis, muscle inflammation, tendon inflammation, allergies, dermatitis, inflammation generally, shock and joints moving.

Pigs : lack of milk Lymphatic dermatitis Duty, shock and deterioration

Sheep : Septicemia, degenerative joints, allergies and postpartum paralysis.

Dosage and use Injected into a muscle or joint Do not inject into a vein !!!!

Cattle: intramuscular injection, use a dose of 10-30 mg / intravenous injection, use a dose of 6-30 mg

Pigs and sheep use size 1 cc per 10 kg body weight.

The size of the drug used per above time Subject to change Generally, a single dose is sufficient for therapeutic use. But if necessary, the drug can be repeated again.

Contraindications – Do not use in animals with heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

-The use of this drug in animals with tuberculosis. Cushing’s syndrome and peptic sore nephritis must be used only when urgent treatment is required.

Caution- Should not be used in terminally pregnant animals. Because it will cause miscarriage

– Do not use one syringe that is used with other drugs.

– An overdose Will have the same effect as Another corticosteroide is that animals exhibit abnormally high thirst. And urinating very abnormally These symptoms will disappear. At the end of treatment