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I am so glad I found Online Discreet Mart! My local pharmacy closed and all of my prescriptions were forwarded to a very expensive pharmacy and one I’ve had a bad experience with in the past. Health Warehouse looked promising. I called my Doctor’s Offices and asked if they had heard of them and what they thought about ordering online. They had not heard of them and warned me to be certain of the different pharmaceutical manufacturers, and hoped it worked out. Well, let me just say, my Doctor’s Offices know now. It has worked out very well for me. I am happy to pass this information on to others. Stay happy, healthy, and well!

Brenda dilines.30. Canada

Online Safe Med Shop has the lowest prices I have found and the customer service is great and fast shipping I am very satisfied with my order
Ronnie Matons.65, Chili

Hassle free online shopping!! Always dependable. Thanks for your service.
Lisa H.42, Iceland

discovered Online Safe Med Shop 1/4/to 1/3 or what my insurance charges me, and 3x what “insurance pays” so I will stay out of the donut hole this year. I have passed on HW to several of my doctors, at their request, so they can pass on Online Safe Med Shop to their patients. happy all around!

Corinne Fleners.73, Norway 

I love Online Discreet Mart! Excellent service! I would not have my medication we’re it not for your company.
Dona H.56, Morroco 

Excellent customer service no delays in receiving my medication on time.
Kandee Blakes.20, NY, USA

Great service! I’m so glad there’s a company in the US like this!
Vicki Cleevs. 75, Chilli 

It would be helpful if your shipment email listed how many refills are left on the medication
Terry Bensons.33, Kuwait

I am very happy with the serve. I have no complaints.
Diane Beyls. 22, London, UK

Thank you for helping me, and being there for me.
Judith E.65, Antartica 

I have 2 bulging discs and osteoarthritis in my lower spine. The oxy’s did the trick. See you again soon.
Tyler T . 42,TX USA

I was curious if they would really deliver without a prescription, well, I ordered and got the meds. It’s the real deal.6
Shelia BIL. 75, RUSSIA

I thought all westernunion payment is a scam but I was shocked my package arrived. Legit legit legit pharmacy.Thanks to Dr.Brian.
Marry Kelly . 67, CA USA

Excellent service, Fast delivery, and auto-refill is always on time
James Kittes.94, SWEDEN 

My stress was killing me and my regular Doc changed my medications. So happy I found you and thanks 4 fast delivery.
Rosaline viensons. 57, TX USA

I had dental surgery. Didn’t get enough for pain only 4 day supply. surprise I’m not more still hurting so thank you guys for getting it to me fast. much happy.
Max Graig.38, PA USA

Great buy, I grab a good deal on special, very happy with that…the personal service was very positive. Prompt Delivery and customer for life. Thanks for taking care of me.

Very pleased with shipment and support team, did my payment through Moneygram They work Great.
Jose Masons.49, CANDA

Was not happy because my product delayed.Was expecting the next day put package arrived in 3 days.
Christ Walli.39, UK

Just wanted to drop you an e-mail. I recommend your products to all of my friends and colleagues. The people I talked to on the phone were very knowledgeable and could answer my questions immediately. Your products are great!

 HELLEN S.42, Bedford, NH

Your sales support and customer service are far above everyone else we have worked with. Your Online Safe Med Shop Company Customer Service Representative has been very easy to work with, very knowledgeable about the products, and very quick to respond. I remember one instance when we needed a couple of products in very short order. Our CSR basically hand-carried our order through Online Safe Med Shop Company and gave us daily status updates. We received our products in time and everything worked out wonderfully. Online Safe Med Shop Company went above and beyond what we normally expect a vendor to do for us.

HERALD W.36, New York, NY

Please feel free to use my testimonial, as it is rare nowadays to get so much quality for the price. Truly good work, guys.You can and should be proud of your product range.You won me over as a lifelong customer.I just wanted to take a moment to extend my sincere thanks for providing such great products at reasonable prices.I had explored many other options before purchasing and to be honest with you, price paid a large part in my decision.

 SAM W.51, Spokane, WA

Hi Scott, Please allow me to express my gratitude to you and if possible to convey my expression to Mr. McGuff. Scott, I have been doing business with your Online Safe Med Shop Company for almost twelve (12) years now, and I want to tell you that YOU make me feel as if I am the ONLY customer you have and you are just waiting on me to place an order every few months and in the interim you are doing absolutely nothing, just waiting on my phone call, (I know that is not true) BUT YOUR EFFICIENCY IS FRIGHTENING AND UNBELIEVABLE.You are there ALL THE TIME looking for ways to help me, to make things easier, you follow up, you make suggestions, you ALWAYS return phone calls, you are always above board and you make sure that goods have been delivered. Like I said Scott Nixon makes me feel as if I am the ONLY customer in your company. Man, I am impressed! Please pass on my sentiments to Mr. McGuff. MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU. Thank You.

 DAVE D.60, International

You need to advertise this stuff!!! I learned about your company on one of the newsgroups. I will do my part for you and recommend your products to my friends who are asking about alternatives to the big three drug distributors. You have quality products at an affordable price with knowledgeable customer representatives that go out-of-their-way to help. What more could I ask?

 HENRY A.29, East Brunswick, NJ

Your customer service people are the best I have found so far as they not only told me what situations your products can work in, they also described some of the limitations. I have much more faith in a company that doesn’t just spout off about how great its products are.

ALBERT V.57, Birmingham, AL

Excellent Service & No Hassle. I wish everything in life was this easy! It is much better than driving and calling to make sure Walmart has your prescription ready, you drive there and they didn’t even fill it. Online Discreet Mart is the BEST! It’s so convenient and pain-free! EXCELLENT job Online Discreet Mart !!!!!!

Mary H.45, USA

I’m very pleased with your prices and with the ease of payment options like Western union it was fast and easy to process funds for my order, speed, and accuracy of your prescription ordering process. I do wish you had a wider range of over-the-counter offerings; I’d like to stop using the irritating Walgreens site and give all my business to you.
Mary Rondals.30, Finland

Customer Service is excellent…. My last 2-orders I have purchased the Online Discreet Mart charged me for 60 pills and I only received 30 on both orders.. I let it pass on the first order but I called in this morning and Amanda was very kind to help me on my second order…..She mentioned that I would be getting an e-mail this morning to confirm when the other half of my pills will be shipped…..I am still waiting…
Richard Rantons. 56, Canada

I only trust Online Discreet Mart with my most important prescription. The best price, consistently fast shipping, and wonderful customer service. A+
Gregory Deves. 40, Australia

Great prices, fast and easy. Excellent and professional service. and with easy payment option as Western union it was faster for processing funds for my order.
Cesar C. 30, Venezuela

Excellent price for my prescription, and fast turnaround. The best thing is I don’t have to drive to a pharmacy.
Arthur Walace. 59 , Austria

I’m basically never disappointed in the service, quality or shipping when doing my business with Online Discreet Mart. On an occasion, I did purchase a box of needles and a couple bags were not as sharp as they should be but still did not cause any harm in the situation
Louis Pollens. 40, England

I submitted my order on June 4 and it was just shipped on June 23. It may take another week before it is actually delivered. This is too long to wait for a prescription refill. There should not have been anything unusual about the order since it was a refill that was already on file. Luckily, I have enough left from the previous order so I won’t have to go without my medication.
Cynthia stiens.24, Germany

I have ordered pharmaceuticals here for years, always happy! This time I ordered an OTC item and received the same great service and price. Keep up the good work.
Samuel Gleens. 74 , Japan

Person on the phone was very helpful and patient, great service
Coen B. 60, Algeria 

glad you let me know perscr. was expiring (did not tell me doctor sent new one anyway!!!!!!!!!
Paul glompton. 82, Thialand

This is my second time to order from this company. Received my meds. In 5 days. Extremely happy with this company. Fast and easy. Thanks again
Monica S. 73, France

Fantastic company and I couldn’t be happier with their service and pricing.
Terrell W.95, Bulgaria 

I just received my first prescription from Health Warehouse and I cannot believe how easy the process was. I had made a mistake on the quantity I ordered and was contacted immediately by email to let me know. When I contacted the Customer Service number the young lady I spoke with was pleasant and efficient. I still cannot get over the savings – my prescription is $50/month cheaper than the Walgreens price! Thanking God that I found this website – such a blessing!
Patricia C.55, Syria

For the first time I am not happy the shipment by FedEx will be delayed a lot, I do not know because they changed
Estrella G.20, Swatziland 

accurate,helpful,cost friendly, Will use Moneygram again for payments next time was fast and easy to process funds for my Order.
Robert B.30, Finland

Great savings fast service
James Dohtowhu .61, China

Great service, quick shipping. Processing funds for my order through Moneygram was fast and easy.. helped me get my package in time!
Laverne H. 94, Brazil

Was Easy ordering using western union for payment and quick shipping.
janet B.55, Dubia

Great service, no pain, no strain !
Victor C.60 Austria

EASY, Affordable. Did I say Easy AND Affordable?!
Christopher C.30, Irealand 

I love your company, however, there are a few things I wish you could improve on. 1. When you send notifications concerning an order, I wish you could include the name of the prescription along with, or even instead of, the order number. 2. Do something to improve your fax operations. Several of my providers have sent prescriptions, sometimes several times, but you don’t receive then. This prevents me from getting my refills on time, and sometimes I have to go without my medication for a while. 3. Provide a way for me to delete prescriptions I do not need anymore, or that have been changed. 4. Do not hold up other medications, when you hold up one item in a multiple order. If you wish more explanation of these issues, please contact me at 308-521-2517, or my email at [email protected].
Sharon S.77, South Africa

Best service I have ever used!!!!!!!!
Michael Henleys.40, Romania 

Absolutely the best company to get prescriptions filled.
Robert M.40, Spain

Excellent performing company with outstanding products!
Bluoger Flints.59, RUSSIA

Excellent Service. Fast Friendly and LOVE the prices.
William S.82, Venezuela 

I want to thank Chris for processing my order it was all messed up and he straightened it out and got my prescriptions mailed out. This is my first order with this company and I am so satisfied again Chris took the time to open an account for me. I am sure my refills will go much smoother. Thank you
Donna Silvest. 64, Mexico

Special ordered a drug for me when the original supplier was out of stock.
Donald Plines. 90, Isreal 

Great service. Customer service is very helpful and quick.
cheryl Reevens. 50,UK

Happy with everything, one concern is turnaround — 9 calendars days from order date to ship date, can that be improved? Thanks!
Lawrence Mcclines.35, India

Absolutely AMAZING customer service from Pharmacist, Andrea B. Not only did Online Discreet Mart beat Walgreen’s price by 1000%, but Andrea assisted in many questions for completion of necessary forms for traveling abroad. I will never use any other online pharmacy provider! Thank you to all the staff for being very customer oriented and helpful.
Terry Havens. 39, Japan

Great service and I save plenty of money the teamwork good together!!
faye maltons. 60, CA, USA

you have been real helpful so far I get what I order
gene Laynon. 43, Hongkong China

Despite this was my first on-line order and I hesitated for a long time before to pay by credit card through the site and get fake product in return, I took a risk and got what I wanted. It goes without saying that the product was genuine and arrived when I expected, they also kept me informed about the status of my order. I called them when I had doubts or questions and they did not left any of them unanswered.

Mike, Chicago

I prefer to call when I have questions but to use online chat is also helpful. I have already purchased goods on-line from other companies but was scared to buy drugs. Who knows what they can put in the parcel? When my package arrived I could not understand what it was as it looked as a usually registered letter. When I opened it I was pleasantly surprised to see the products looking exactly the same as pictures at the website.

Stephen Smith

When I placed an order for my granddad I gave his address and my phone and it took a bit longer to deliver the products because they phoned me and my granddaddy to check everything and I was nervous because of it. I understand that they work like this as it helps to avoid credit card fraud. I will order from them again because they are honest.


I prefer herbal products as they are safer. These Indian ones are great. My friends were curious what happened that I lost some weight and look joyful. When I revealed my secret they also decided to use Acai berry.

Charles from Paris

Dudes, this service is good! It is my third order. This time it is Smok-ox and I have almost quit smoking. I know how they order system works and when my package is a bit late I do not worry because I know that it will arrive no matter what.

Isabella from Rome

I want to recommend Ayurslim to everybody. I have fought with my extra weight for years using different waist trimmers and belts but with these caps I understood that what I need is just to eat less. I almost do not feel hunger and put off weight natural way. I want get rid of 2 pounds and plan to buy on line again soon.

Peter Hansleys

I am satisfied with the quality of products and service. Online chat was helpful when I had questions. My order arrived in a matter of days exactly the same as I saw at the site. No blames.

Brandon Van Belle from Belgium

I could not solve my problem with declined transaction via live chat so I had to call them cause I wanted to hear a human voice and talk with somebody more competent. Everything was ok with my credit card but the transaction was declined. I could settle this and got recommendations of how to act.

Michael Been from London

The prices are amazingly low. If you do not want to be ripped off buy only here. I placed two orders and received both on time as promised.

Roberto Revillon

Many thanks to the company, I appreciate very much your very qualified and comprehensive support. When I was curious about the status of my order I was informed about the process of shipment.

Eric Anderson 30, Scottland

First skeptical about this site which I’ve never bought from I called their customer support and learned all details of placing an order and delivery process. The price was reasonable so I decided to give it a chance. I received my packaged well wrapped and neat in ten days. It is faster than I expected. One more reason to be satisfied with it.

Sidney from Churchill

The prices are amazingly low. If you do not want to be ripped off buy only here. I placed two orders and received both on time as promised.


When my mother got sick with diabetes I made a research on different sites as I wanted not only a high-quality product but also not so high price. The system of discounts at this site suited me very much so I did not hesitate to order.

Phill Guess

Guys, you should be very attentive filling up the payment form. My order was blocked because I wanted the drugs to be delivered to my friend while I paid by my credit card and addresses did not coincide. I had phone two times to resolve this with customer support. I thought that in civilized countries that could be solved by one call!

Sacha from France

Why I must buy expensive pills while I can get generics on line with delivery to my place and for the considerably lower price. I am ready to accept the situation that customer support sometimes can be dull when I want to trace my order.

Edmond from UK

If there would not be on-line sale of generics I would have to waste so much money on expensive drugs. Quality is good and it works the way as described. I want to thank guys who started all this. I will place my fourth order soon to acquire more Advair Diskus.

Alan Durk

It is so convenient to buy through the site, there are many convenient mechanisms to place an order. When I could not understand the mode to fill up my cart I phoned customer support and was followed through everything. My herpes warts appear from time to time in winter, so I order in advance to get Zovirax before my condition started.

Peter, Wien

I have tried Viagra and Cialis before and must say that Levitra causes less side effects though. I had a terrible headache with Viagra which made sex impossible sometimes. With Levitra, I forgot about it. I would recommend it to anybody who has similar problems and this drug is above all praises.

Tom, 71, New Mexico

It is not fair that everybody knows about Viagra, Levitra worked perfectly for me and moreover it is less expensive and easier to find. I almost have not experienced any side effects, at least those severe to make sex impossible. Works like a charm.

Mike, Palermo

I will keep using your Cialis. I am well into my 60s and your Cialis gave me what I lost: long lasting erection and delights of youth. My order arrived within 5 days in good condition. I received my medicine in time and I think that this is a sign of responsibility and professionalism. Thanks for such a good service and a great product.

Elliot, 53, Tennessee

I just turned 53 young, not so old, huh, and have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for more than 8 years. Different techniques and medications did not help me or were useful just for a while and then the problem returned. Only with Cialis, I could obtain a perfect intercourse and reliable effect. I was enough hard and it lasted for long to never complain about. Libido and intensive climaxes were much better with Cialis than any other medicine.

Neil, 46, Amsterdam

This is my second time that I used Levitra. It is ok medication able to solve my erection problems. It worked me up as with other similar drugs I was lost.

Dave, London, UK

Hi everybody, I am Dave from the UK. Erection has become a problem for me since I put on a lot of weight and fought with obesity for years. I did not want to surrender. I had nothing to lose and ordered Cialis. I take it once in 7 days, this weekend tab, and have no problems with an erection when I can spend time with my wife. The positive effect lasts till Wednesday but when I busy in the office I do not need sex too much.

Jerry, 70, Brussels

Why I did not hit upon Levitra sooner? I followed about entangled in great offer of different drugs to make the most important male organ working but when I came across Levitra it hit me like a thunderbolt. I could not ask about better results.

Jim, 50, Milan

I brought a young wife from the Philippines and I am pretty addicted to sex despite my age. LOL. To support my libido I have been taking Cialis almost half of a year. Different doses are helpful different times. No problem with erection happened within this period. All these Yohimbe, aphrodisiacs, or Xanthoparmelia Scabrous are too soft. You’ll see it yourself and the miracle it makes.

Scott, Edinburg

I take 20 mg Cialis pill and it works as expected but after sexual intercourse, I sometimes feel muscle pain in the back and fatigue. I do not know if this is because I work like a stud or it is a side effect. Anyway I am lucky that I gave it a try.

Malcolm, 63, Canada

My Levitra arrived yesterday. It is a magic! I had an unforgettable night. I am lucky that I ordered a big package of it. It will last for long. I just cannot express my feelings, I am overwhelmed. If works in me like no other remedy for erection. You saved my life, guys!

Austin, 64, Austria

Wow, I’ve never felt like that since I was a youngster! Only being a student I could make love like that and have multiple erections in a short while after taking this magic pill. Viagra is really a deed for the man who was present at 40 classmate reunions since graduation.

Jerry, 57, Munich

We were at the edge of divorce when I decided to try this. Years and years without delight of orgasm and sexual satisfaction. This could ruin any life but not ours. Viagra worked and I always keep the pill near my bed as nobody knows when my wife asks for more sex. By the way, generic Viagra works not worse than brand, so next time I can save my money

Calvin, 49, Dallas

I was shy to share with my doctor about the decrease of sexual activity which I occurred for the last couple of years. He advised me Viagra which could realize my sexual drive and fantasies. A feel alive again! Viagra saved me!

David, Bridlington

I did not want to confess my sexual fail and intimacy problems. After taking it my penis worked as a paving breaker and my wife had no reason to complain during whole night. We hooked on it and purchase with a discount.

Payton, Perth

Honeymoon returned and my husband feels like a teenager again. His erection is the same as at our first date 30 years ago. He feels like a man again, his penis is hard with a big head so he can be proud of it again. Viagra really helps.

Vanessa, Hermitage

I have received the order and will be playing another shortly.

Phil, Los Angeles

Very good company to deal with, the delivery over here in USA was very Quick, will certainly deal with them in the future.

Barbara, Ansonia

I’m so sorry to have doubted your service. I received a notice from the post office my parcel from you was there. I will be receiving the package today. Thank you so much for all your assistance.

David, Charlston

Hi,I’m pleased to tell you my order arrived yesterday. Many thanks for your help.

Albert, Tucson

Now I have what I had ordered. I know now that you are a company you can trust. Thank you, and I will recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances who want to buy. Once again thank you.

Geoffrey, Rolling Meadows

My apologies. I did not know the items were sent separately. I received the second envelope yesterday. Thank you for your help and support.

Tom, Clearwater

Dear customer support, I finally received my package yesterday. And, all is good. It took its time getting here, but it made it.

Joe, Gate City

Thank you, all is well. the packaged arrived as scheduled. Thanks a ton for the help. Everything went wonderfully. I appreciate the help and outstanding customer service. I cannot believe the amazing service your pharmacy provides. They are all so courteous and willing to go out of their way every time I call. They truly go the extra mile and put the patient first.?
Grace, New York

Always a pleasure dealing with Global Meds Online. Your customer service is unbeatable. You should be teaching ALL other companies how to handle their customers so well! So don’t change a thing! And Happy New Year, Thank You,
Harley, San Francisco, CA

I just want someone to know that every time I hang up from a conversation with one of your customer service reps I say to myself “they are so nice!” I always have a good experience when I call; they are polite, friendly, professional, and well versed in your business. Kudos to you for hiring such quality people… kudos to them for being great! Thank you!!
Lisa M, Scotland

I really do appreciate the security you offer at no cost to me. Thanks Much!”
Catherine G. New Jersey

Thanks, no other online pharmacy does this!!
Molly, Poland

America has a health care crisis and prescription drug costs just add to the problem. Bankruptcies are up 24% in Michigan and most of them are people in their 50’s that lost their job or health insurance. My wife and I are in this category. If a person does not have prescription drug coverage and starts to have health problems then the cost is enormous, especially for mental health. Our insurance industry discriminates against the mental health field. How is a married couple suppose to pay for medications if both Husband and Wife are each on 4-5 drugs at $75.00-$175.00 apiece? I am grateful that this is available for me. I feel more in control instead of at the drug companies mercy.
Marty, Michigan

Dear folks, Thank you for my recent shipment and setting up my account so efficiently. I appreciate your professionalism.
Iris Muller, Germany

We here at our office will continue to send people to you as long as we are allowed. We find the prices that are charged to the senior citizens of the United States, that are placed on fixed incomes, to be almost criminal. Seniors are having a tough time deciding to eat or take medications that keep them healthy. Thanks for sending information and keep sending it. We certainly appreciate the updates and we certainly love your service. Thank You.
Simon, Delaware

Sounds like a good idea but I have never had a problem with purchasing from you. Still…..thanks for the peace of mind.
Drake L, Maryland

Thank you for providing me with peace of mind with the safety guarantee after I placed this order through the internet.
Chris T, New Zealand

I received my pills today. Thank you so much for your honesty. From now on, not only I will be a permanent customer but also will definitely offer you to friends who might need your products. I appreciate your services.

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