Could A Supplement Ease the Effects of Tying Up? , 日本の競馬サプリメント

Could A Supplement Ease the Effects of Tying Up?

Tying-up, or exertional rhabdomyolysis, is a frustrating problem that sport and racehorse trainers try diligently to prevent. Fortunately, there’s some good news: Japanese researchers recently tested a supplement designed to alleviate both tying-up episodes and the muscle damage, with positive results. Anti Inflammatory Fumio Sato, DVM, PhD, of the Japan Racing Association’s (JRA) Hidaka Training […]

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Bonutron Trot Audevard Bionutron Racing ,Bonutron Trot Audevard , Bionutron Racing, Food Supplement For Troters, Bonutron Trot Boîte de 3kg

Bonutron Trot- Audevard

BONUTRON TROT AUDEVARD – FORMERLY BIONUTRON RACING – FOOD SUPPLEMENT FOR TROTERS – NON DOPING PRODUCT Boutron Trot Horse AUDEVARD is a complementary food horse suitable for periods of courses et of training du trotting horse. The new formula of Bonutron Trot compensates for the deficiencies of all types of usual diets: fodder and barley / oats with or without industrial food. Bio […]

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Pfizer Genotropin Pen 36IU 12mg Somatropin

What exactly is Genotropin? Genotropin refers to a type of human growth hormone which is essential for the development of the muscles and the bones. It is used for treating the failure of development in adults as well as kids who do not have an adequate amount of natural growth hormone within their system. Apart […]

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Buy Retardoesteroide 50ml online

Retardoesteroide 50ml

RETARDOESTEROIDE 50ml is a suspended solids solution. It works on glycogen production for more than 5 days while it has been shown to reduce allergic reactions, inflammation and swelling for about 3 weeks Properties reduce inflammation, itching, reduce allergic symptoms, relieve pain due to joint inflammation. As well as other symptoms due to joint inflammation The drug’s anti-inflammatory […]

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