Nixyvet 100ml


Flunixin meglumine is a non-steroid, anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with non-narcotic analgesic effect and antipyretic activity. It acts by blocking the prostaglandin biosynthesis, since it inhibits the cyclooxygenase. It acts directly on the CNS, decreasing the pain and inflammation.


Cattle: Treatment of acute inflammation.
Horses: Treatment of visceral pain associated to colic. Treatment of inflammation and pain associated with muscular-skeletal disorders.
Swine: Treatment of acute inflammation associated with M.M.A. syndrome.

TARGET SPECIES: Cattle, horses and swine.



Cattle: 2 ml/45 kg b.w., endovenously. Repeat if needed in 24-36 hours intervals but not more than 5 consecutive days.
Horses: In visceral pain associated to colic 1 ml/45 kg b.w. is recommended, endovenously, when symptoms start. Treatment can be repeated 1 or 2 times if symptoms reappear.
In inflammations or pain associated to muscular-skeletal problems 1 ml/45 kg b.w., endovenously or intramuscularly is recommended once a day during not more than 5 consecutive days.
Swine: 2 ml/45 kg b.w., endovenously or intramuscularly. Repeat if needed at 12-36 hours intervals but not more than 5 consecutive days.

WITHDRAWAL PERIOD: Cattle: Meat: 1 day; Milk: 48 hours. Swine: Meat: 21 days. Horses: Do not use in horses whose meat is for human consumption.

SHELF-LIFE: 3 years, from production date.

COMMERCIAL PRESENTATION: 100 and 250 ml flask.