Psilocybin Dealer on Life After Decriminalization in Denver

Underground mushroom dealing is about to become a more stress-free profession in Denver, according to one dealer.

“I’m not going to have to worry at all,” says Douglas, who asked to remain anonymous.

That’s because on Thursday, May 16, the city’s psychedelic mushroom initiative, which decriminalizes growth, possession and consumption, will officially kick in. Although the recently passed ballot initiative doesn’t cover dealing, Douglas isn’t concerned about possibly getting in trouble, because he’s already identified what he considers a loophole.

Denver might have just decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms, but dealers have been pushing them for years.

Douglas doesn’t take cash for deals, instead handling all his payments electronically. Soon, if he’s caught dealing to someone, he can just pretend the mushrooms are his or the receivers’ personal stash, he explains. “I’ve got mushrooms on me, somebody has mushrooms on them. Neither one of us has to say I’m giving it to the other.”

The hypothetical scenario could play out in his favor…or not. The Denver City Attorney’s Office, Denver Police Department and Denver City Council are still mulling over the initiative, the first in the country to decriminalize psilocybin. Council could alter the initiative should any unintended consequences arise, and the city attorney’s office is in the process of defining “personal” use and coming up with guidelines for law enforcement.

In the meantime, at least for his part, Douglas says life just got a little easier.

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