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Canadian Companies Invest In Jamaican Shrooms

Jamaica has long been known as a haven for magic mushrooms. Along with a few select other countries, such as the Netherlands, it is a place that those seeking legal experiences with psilocybin flock to. And understandably so! Taking shrooms or magic truffles is a life-changing and joyful experience.

Exploring The Inner-Self

But, apart from this— a recent wave of psilocybin research has proven magic mushrooms are a veritable wonder-drug. They run the gamut from mental-health treatment for conditions previously untreatable; to an essential tool in palliative care. And this thrilling evidence continues to grow by the day. For some time, before every scientist was crowing the benefits of psilocybin from the rooftop, retreats in Jamaica were offering guided magic mushrooms experiences. During these, participants could explore their inner-selves, confront past traumas, and come out an all-together happier person. 

A Canadian and Jamaican Collaboration

Now a Canadian company has put two and two together, with the aim of making some big bucks. It makes total sense — there is currently an intense interest in psychedelic-based therapy, but legal road-blocks are hindering progress. While Canada has recently allowed a number of terminally ill patients to use psilocybin for end-of-life relief, it’s not quite at the point of holding retreats for whoever fancies it. This is why utilizing a country with forward-thinking attitudes to magic mushrooms comes in. By setting up in Jamaica, a company can begin to produce magic mushrooms and psilocybin research for both local and international markets — legally and with comparative ease. As easy as setting up any business really. Which of course is never easy, but it sure helps if the product you’re making doesn’t get you thrown in jail.

Canbud Distribution Corporation

The company in question, is called Canbud Distribution Corporation. And they are currently pouring millions of dollars into establishing operations in Jamaica. The company, that specialises in science, technology, health and wellness recently confirmed its plunge into psychedelics-related activity. This is starting via the development of a magic mushroom cultivation and processing plant in Westmoreland. The company, which is on the Canadian Stock Exchange explains: 

“ has started on the psilocybin facility which will allow for cultivation and extraction. The plan is to build modular facilities that enable cultivation of psychedelic mushrooms (also known as magic mushrooms) and extraction in the most cost-efficient manner.”

Canbud Distribution already has fingers in the cannabinoid (CBD) and hemp market pies. (I guess the clue is in the name!) Chief executive officer of the company, Steve Singh is keen to point to the manifold benefits of psilocybin, stating: 

 “Psilocybin is showing considerable promise as a therapeutic intervention for neuropsychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, and addiction.”

“ is intended that our Jamaican cultivation and extraction facilities will assist and support valuable research and development in this regard.”

Singh is hoping the company will be able to produce substantial psychedelics for local, as well as international customers. He explains the benefits of Jamaica as a base for this project;  

“Jamaica provides a favourable regulatory and economic environment to support our endeavours.”

Psyence Group Inc.

Running in parallel to Canbud’s project is another Canadian based company, called Psyence Group Inc. Through their subsidiary Psyence Therapeutics Corporation, they have entered into a collaboration with the leading psychedelic retreat in Jamaica. This psilocybin-assisted retreat is called MycoMeditations, and their research agreement with the Psyence Group is sure to produce exciting results. Both companies are leaders in their field of psychedelic therapy. MycoMeditations providing the retreats, and the Psyence Group working to commercialise technologies and products relating to natural psychoactive substances. 

CEO of MycoMeditations Justin Townsend commented on the exciting new venture, stating:  

“based on Psyence’s experience, scientific focus, and commitment to Jamaica, we are pleased to partner with Psyence to advance research in the area of psilocybin-assisted therapy…We look forward to working with the Psyence team and toward evolving into a centre of excellence in research and therapeutic retreats as well as the future expansion of our offerings in this emerging field.”

The Studies Commence!

The MycoMeditations programme consists of a week of psilocybin-assisted therapeutic sessions, and has seen more than 750 guests successfully complete the experience. According to Townsend, the initial study in the collaboration will be a retrospective one. It will investigate a group of 30 people who have already taken part in a MycoMeditations retreat. They must have completed it within the past six months, and have reported suffering from psychological trauma prior to their visit — often the main reason for attending a retreat like this. This will be the first of many studies like this, that Psyence hopes to carry out — comparing the effects of naturally derived compounds (like psilocybin) to the effects of synthetic molecules. 

Availability Can Only Be A Good Thing

Sounds like a solid business model to us! Anything that makes psilocybin more available can only be a good thing… And, If you want to experience the magic of mushrooms without the trip to Jamaica, why not check out our array of magic truffles and magic mushrooms grow kits? All the benefits, none of the hassle!

Would you be keen to try a magic mushroom retreat? Let us know in the comments below!

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