Equi 4S Tendon AID 4S, Horse camel joint supplement

Equi 4S Tendon AID 4S

To ensure unrestricted joint movement and pain-free movement, it is important to maintain the integrity of the articular cartilage and achieve a smooth, undamaged surface. Overloaded or damaged joint structures result in inflammation, swelling and restrictions in mobility. The inflammation produces more synovial fluid, but it is of lower viscosity and quality and contains numerous inflammatory mediators.

Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous, natural anti-inflammatory agent to support a healthy joint. ASU, unsaponifiable natural plant extract from avocado and soy, can be very useful in changing certain processes. This nutritional product can be given to both younger and older horses who are subject to intensive training and where joint inflammation has been detected and to support joint wear and tear.

Withdrawal period according to ADMR: 48 hours

Content: 1.6 kg (sufficient for 6 weeks for a full-grown horse)

Daily dose: horses 40 g / day, ponies 20 g / day

A food supplement for strong and flexible tendons made from a blend of high-quality nutrients.

Usage & Composition:
Tendon Aid 4S has been formulated specifically to provide support during recuperation from tendon and ligament problems and to provide necessary nutrients that could enhance their flexibility and strength, helping to limit the incidence of recurrent injury. Equioxx Firocoxib


  • Horses 40 g/day, Ponies 20 g/day
  • 2.36 kg container – sufficient for a 7 to 8 week treatment
  • Anti-doping program
  • GMP+
  • ISO 22000
  • FEI doping-negative testing

Size: 2.36KG



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