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How to Maximize the Potency of Your Shroom Grow Kit

Now that you have ordered your magic mushroom grow kit, you may be wondering where to store it away. There are a variety of places where you can put your shroom grow kit, but some are better than others. Afterall, you want to ensure that you provide the best conditions possible so that you can have the highest potency and quality possible. There are a few things you can do when you grow your own magic mushrooms to ensure they are ready for picking in pristine conditions.

You Must Focus on These 5 Elements to Maximize the Potency of Your Shroom Grow Kit:

  1. Discrete. If you are having visitors in your home, it probably won’t be very welcoming if they see the mushroom grow kit. If it’s just some friends, they will probably be okay with it. But, if you’re having colleagues come over to your place or your family, you’ll need to find a location to store your shroom grow kit discreetly. This is especially useful if magic mushrooms aren’t legal where you live. You’ll want to keep a low profile and keep your shroom grow kit out of sight.
  1. Clean. You need a clean environment. These magic mushrooms are real living creatures. They have are susceptible to getting mold and absorbing contaminants. Therefore, it’s important that you keep the shrooms grow kit in a location that’s as clean as possible. You obviously want to avoid your magic mushrooms becoming “sick” when you grow your own magic mushrooms. In addition to clean air requirements when you grow your own magic mushrooms, you’ll also need to ensure that
  1. Circulation. When you grow your own magic mushrooms you’ll quickly realize how a little air circulation can go a long way. Shrooms require moving air in order to grow optimally. The airflow needs to be maintained, which can be done is a variety of ways. You can run a fan for a few hours (especially effective after missing your shroom grow kit). Or, if the climate you live in is a bit windy, you could simply open up a window in your house or apartment to get some air circulating.
  1. A Little Light. As with virtually any living creature, magic mushrooms require some light. You don’t want to put your shroom grow kit directly into the sunlight, but you do, however, want to ensure that it gets an adequate amount of indirect sunlight. This can be problematic if you want your shroom grow kit to remain in a hidden, discrete place. You’ll want to aim for a place that’s easily hidden away but still has access to some light. As the shrooms mature, they will be drawn out in the general direction of where they’re receiving light.
  1. Humidity. When you grow your own magic mushrooms, you’ll want to keep things a bit moist. This is achievable in two ways. The first is the easy way: live in a humid climate. Since magic mushrooms are native to forests that are high in humanity, you must replicate their native environments the best way possible if you don’t live in a naturally humid climate. That’s why option two is simply spraying your shroom grow kit with a spray bottle of water. You can do so a few times per day to ensure your shrooms are getting the right amount of moisture.

How to Dry Magic Mushrooms for Optimal Levels of Mycelium

Now that you’ve taken the time to love and nurture your shrooms, now what? After a few weeks, your shroom grow kit will be ready to harvest. You’ll notice with our kits you’ll have around 800 grams! You have a variety of ways to consume the magic mushrooms, including:

  • Making a shroom tea
  • Eating the shrooms “raw” without drying them
  • Drying your shrooms for future use

Why Drying Shrooms Is So Popular

When you dry magic mushrooms from your shroom grow kit, you’ll be able to consume your shrooms for months to come. In fact, if you freeze the magic mushrooms after they’ve been dried, you can stick them right into your freezer where they can be stored for over a year. Additionally, drying helps preserve the active ingredients in magic mushrooms (i.e. the part that gets you high). Fresh mushrooms gradually lose the active component of magic mushrooms (mycelium) so you’ll want to be sure to consume them right away or dry them.

2 Easy Ways to Dry Shrooms

After collecting your first flush, you’ll likely want to dry your shrooms as it makes consuming the magic mushrooms much more palatable since you’re eating less volume. There are a couple different methods of doing that. The first is much more simple and you probably have the supplies on hand, while the second can be more for those who are serious shroomers, looking to sell shrooms or want to have the best trip possible.

  • Method 1: Set shrooms in front of a fan for 48 hours. This method will get your shrooms pretty damned dry. Not completely dry to the point where they can crack. But dry. Dry enough to store. The only downside is that due to the retained moisture, there is a higher chance that the mycelium will gradually begin to disisipi atete, so you’ll want to keep that in mind with this option of drying the fruit from your shrooms grow kit. However, it is much easier than the next and doesn’t require any special materials (just a fan).
  • Method 2: Set shrooms in front of fan for 48 hours + placing in airtight container with silica gel. The next method is basically step 1 plus additional steps. You’ll need to get silica gel (like the gel packets you find in shoe boxes, beef jerky, etc.) and layer the bottom of an airtight container with the substance. Next, place the shrooms in the container on top of the silica, but be sure that the shrooms aren’t touching the toxic substance.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck from You Shrooms Grow Kit

There you have it. The main things you need to consider are the growing conditions and drying the shrooms effectively. WIth the growing conditions, you’ll want to replicate the natural habitat of the shrooms as much as possible by allowing it indirect light, humidity and circulation.

Maximizing the potency is quite simple. Ready to grow your own strong shrooms? Order some here.