Crescer Rodhentia 50ml



Crescer Rodhentia guarantees great efficiency in the development of height, used by thousands of breeders, guaranteeing an additional 3 to 5 cm during the treatment period.
Product with high concentration of Somatropin in the Market

• Accelerates the gain in Height and Carcass
Development • Develops the musculature
• Eliminates and prevents alterations and growth delays
• Repairs and regenerates tissues
• Cellular regeneration of Bones, Muscles and Vital Organs
• Fortifies the system immune fighting infections and diseases
• Improved Resistance
• Gain in lean mass;
• Decrease in body fat indices;
• Increased physical strength;
• Decrease in muscle fatigue.
• Muscle Toning and Definition

Composition: Crescer Rodhentia 50ml

– 1.0 grs = 30iu/ml
– L Thyroxine 0.8 grs
– L Valine 0.5 grs
– L Phenylalanine 0.5 grs
– L Leucine 0.5 grs
– Folic acid 2.0 grs
– Cyanocobalamin 0.1 grs
– Aluminum hydroxide 2.5 grs
– Nipagin 1.0 grs
– Nipazol 0.3 grs
-Double distilled water csp………… ……… 100ml

A.nabolico – boosting growth Vitaminized for Veterinary Use for Extended Release. Diurizone 50ml

IMPORTANT: Shake before application, as its constitution presents a sediment of Aluminum Hydroxide, which is easily agitated by emulsification.


DOSAGE: Cattle: 2ml. every 15 days.
Horses: 2ml. every 15 days.
Sheep: 1ml every 15 days.
Pigs: 1ml. every 30 days.
Dogs: 1ml every 30 days.
Poultry: 0.1ml.
Rabbits: 0.1 ml.


Does not present at
the indicated dose.
STORAGE: Between 0 C and 30 C.

By the action of the drug, cartilage cells, epiphyses proliferate, differentiate and originate bone tissue with the consequent
longitudinal increase in long bones.

CRES-CER in its formulation associates the horm effects. with amino acids consistent with the development of individuals, thus ensuring remarkable growth and harmonious body development.