Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate – Dilution Powder TO 10ML (SPC)



Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate – Dilution Powder TO 10ML (SPC) Dexamethasone sodium phosphate powder, ready for dilution and reconstitution in solution for injection, with the ability to make concentrated dexas.

It´s a dexa specifically designed to be applied before the race.

40 mg dexamethasone 21 di sodium phosphate, In a 10 ml bottle to be dissolved in sterile water or sterile solution.

The equivalent solution is 4mg / ml,  or 4mg / cc, or  0,4% dexa.

It can be diluted with other products in aqueous solutions with good margin to solubilize, for example vitamins. It´s very common to dilute in solution of B15 for race.


Special feature:

You can make a concentrated dexa, only diluting with less liquid, in all cases the total content is 40mg, but the proportions of the solution are different:
a) For 10 ml , is obtained dexa 0.4% or 4mg/ml

b) For 9 ml , is obtained dexa 0.444% or 4.44mg/ml

c) For 8 ml , is obtained dexa 0.5% or 5 mg/ml

d) For 7 ml , is obtained dexa 0.57% or 5.71 mg/ml

e) For 6 ml , is obtained dexa 0.66% or 6.66 mg/ml

f) For 5 ml , is obtained dexa 0.8% or 8 mg/ml

g) For 4 ml , is obtained dexa 1% or 10 mg/ml

h) For 3 ml  , is obtained dexa 1,33% or 13.33 mg/ml

i) For 2 ml  , is obtained dexa 2% or 20 mg/ml

j) For 1 ml , is obtained dexa 4% or 40 mg/ml

The maximum capacity to dilute dexa sodium phosphate in water is 50mg / ml, it´s not recommended to try to dilute in less than 1 ml


Dosification & Administration for Race – to 4mg/ml :

For professional application not detected, read the article about dexa for race, Treat as 0.1% or 1mg / ml: Click Here

With other dexa products, dosages range from approximately 3 to 8 ml depending on many factors.

If you dilute this dexa with 10 ml of water or sterile solution, we recommend not to exceed for safe application not detected pre-race: 5 ml for 5 days, suspend 1 days before the race , but the last day : 

apply  Dexametasona 0.08mg/kg IV and also apply Furosemide 0.2mg/kg IV before the 5th hour before the extraction of samples for analysis for detection of drugs, blood and/or urine.

Recommended product with furosemide: Diuretic (Chinfield lab) o similary.

If you have any questions, consult your veterinarian or you can contact us for free advice.


You can dissolve this product directly with a vitamin or an aqueous diuretic and it is compatible.

Another peculiarity: If you make very strong concentrations, this allows you to apply very small volumes of liquid. This technique is very required in certain enduro competitions where injection bleeding is penalized.




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