Estrumate 20ml


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Estrumate is a highly effective reproductive hormone treatment for clinical issues such as suboestrus, termination of normal/abnormal pregnancy, chronic endometritis and ovarian luteal cysts. Estrumate should be used under direction from your veterinarian.



Each ml of Estrumate contains 263 mcg of cloprostenol sodium, equivalent to 250 mcg of cloprostenol used in the induction of luteolysis in dairy cattle and horses.


Indications for use:

Estrus Synchronization
Treatment of non-detected estrus associated with a functioning of persistent corpus luteum, chronic endometritis/pyometra and treatment of ovarian luteal cysts
Induction of parturition
Termination of pregnancy

As an aid to stud management
Treatment of conditions associated with a functioning persistent corpus luteum

Estrumate™ should not be administered to pregnant animals unless the objective is to terminate the pregnancy. Do not use in the animals with spastic diseases of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract.

Dosage and Administration:
Cattle: 2 ml by Intra muscular route
Ponies: 0.5-1 ml by Intra muscular route
Throughbreds, hunters and heavy horses 1.0-2 ml by Intra muscular route

Withdrawal Period:
Milk- zero days, Meat- zero days

Do not store above 25°C

20 ml vial