Farriers Formula Double Strength Plus Joint



Farrier’s Formula Double Strength Plus Joint is a pelleted combination hoof, coat, and joint supplement that is formulated to promote dense hoof wall growth as well as provide joint and tendon support. It provides the same nutrients as Farrier’s Formula® but with additional nutrients for joint health.


  • Combination balanced supplement for hoof and joints that reduces daily feeding expense
  • Supplies nutrients to strengthen connective tissue and provide additional joint, ligament and tendon support
  • Provides nutrients to build strong hoof casule connective tissue in correct balance and ratio
  • Helps promote strong and fast growth of hoof wall, sole, frog and heel
  • Helps “grow out” wall cracks
  • Addresses the problems of weak hoof structure as well as painful joints
  • Promotes a glossy coat
  • Good for all ages and work levels
  • Doping free and can be fed to competition horses

Item Specifications:

11 lb. (60-day supply)

Directions for Use:
Adult Horses: Top dress or mix with regular feed. For each 1,000 lb. of body weight, feed one half measuring cup* (119ml or 85g) per day.
500 lb.: 1/4 cup (43g)
1,000 lb.: 1/2 cup (85g)
1,500 lb.: 3/4 cup (128g)
2,000 lb.: 1 cup (170g)
Weanling to Adults: Feed at adult weight listed from chart above.
Nursing Foals: Feed 1/8 measuring cup (2 tbsp, 20ml or 21g per day)