Arthritis in dogs diagnosing and treatment

Arthritis in dogs. Signs, diagnosing, and treatment

Arthritis in dogs

The first thing to think about if a dog limps on its front paw is an injury or joint disease. Indeed, these are the most common causes, but partial lameness can also be a symptom of certain diseases. And it happens that a pursed front paw is not a sign of health problems at all. The dog may try to attract attention and get a pet or treat in this way.

How to determine a limb injury?

Often dogs get injured on a walk, cutting themselves on the glass. So suffer mostly their front paws, the first to touch the subject. They also take the main load during landing from jumps, so bone or joint damage is often received. Determine that the dog limps on the front paw due to injury, you can through a careful inspection. Burns and wounds always leave traces, you can find a red burned area or a place of bleeding. You also need to examine the pads of the paws for bruising or broken at the root of the claw Dog Arthritis Medications

The examination should be carried out very carefully, since any contact with a fracture can cause the dog severe pain. You do not need to try to force the joint to “help” the animal. The pain threshold in dogs is very high and if it does not want to be touched in any place, it means that the unpleasant sensations are very strong. With a fracture, it is not necessary that the injury is received in the lower part of the paw. It can be much higher. An accurate diagnosis can be made by a veterinarian after an x-ray and examination.

arthritis in dogs

Can the problem be related to the disease?

When a dog limps on its front legs in severe pain, it moves in a special way: bending down and throwing its head up, as if diving. This suggests that it is difficult for her to move in General. She begins to sit differently, hardly gets up from the lying position (especially problems with movements after sleep are characteristic of arthrosis). At the same time, no external damage is detected. What could it be arthritis medicine for dogsOne of the following ailments:

  • Intermittent lameness;
  • Tear of a muscle or ligament;
  • Osteosarcoma;
  • Diseases of the spine;
  • Arthritis

With intermittent lameness, the dog falls on one or the other paw. In this case, the animal does not respond to manual examination, as it does not experience pain. With other diagnoses, the dog may feel unpleasant or painful during palpation and procedures.

If not an adult dog, but a puppy limps on its front paw, then we can also assume the probability of any hereditary diagnosis:

  • Patellau Disease.
  • Perthes Disease.

Is self-diagnosis possible? In most cases, it does not give results. If there is a noticeable swelling or growths, you will still have to contact a veterinarian. The same as if there is no pain, but the dog still limps on its front legs

dog arthritis treatment

Signs of arthritis in dogs

  • Hesitates before going up or down the stairs.
  • Lags behind or gets tired easily while walking.
  • Prefers to lie down rather than sit or stand.
  • Stiffness, especially after a rest.
  • Whines, growls, or bites when touching a sore spot.

What to do if your dog has arthritis: improve mobility and joint health

  • Contact your veterinarian to select the correct treatment. Act now to keep your dog’s joints healthy.
  • If she has arthritis, the cartilage in her joints is erased, causing severe pain.
  • If you address the problem now, your dog may not need more aggressive treatment methods, such as surgery, in the future.

Treatment: the importance of nutrition

The health of the dog and its condition in General largely depend on nutrition. A balanced diet is an essential part of your pet’s active, healthy lifestyle. To find out the exact diagnosis and treatment options, always consult your veterinarian and ask them to recommend the best food to treat arthritis and maintain the health and mobility of your dog’s joints. Some medications can make your pet’s life easier, such as Rimadyl P Zoetis. It is prescribed for dogs to relieve inflammation and pain in acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteoarthritis), for analgesia, and as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce postoperative pain and swelling, and many dog breeders use CIMALGEX or PREVICOX in their practice, these drugs lead to an improvement that is noticeable for dog owners.


Depending on the disease and the General condition of the animal, the veterinarian prescribes various medications and physical therapy. Folk remedies, unfortunately, are not very effective for injuries and pathologies. It should be noted that the same fracture of the front paw can heal in a dog itself, but it is not a fact that this will happen correctly. The animal will experience a lifetime of discomfort due to long-standing injuries.

It is interesting to know! After realizing that they are being taken care of during their illness, dogs can later fake a limp on their foreleg to get more care and attention.

In certain cases, it is impossible to fully recover. This applies, for example, to arthrosis. Maintenance therapy is used to ensure that the pet’s standard of living is at the proper level and there is no severe pain. Injections of an analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication may be prescribed Dog Arthritis Medications.

There are also recommendations that are given for almost any reason for lameness on the front paws in dogs:

more rest;

a place to sleep that you don’t need to jump on;

food additive;

special diet.

You can’t decide on your own whether to do massages or develop joints. Excessive loads can cause the dog’s condition to deteriorate.


  • During the walk, you need to make sure that the dog does not run into places where glass, brick fragments, sharp metal objects may be scattered.
  • If several animals play together, it is better to make sure that the larger ones do not” chase ” the smaller ones – at such moments, Pets often get dislocated and bruised.
  • Adhere to a full and competent diet with the addition of vitamin complexes for the healthy development of bones, muscles and joints.
  • When receiving a puppy, you should ask about the health of your parents. Some inherited diseases may never show up with proper care.
  • To maintain an adequate age, condition and breed of physical activity. So, dogs of small breeds should not jump down from too high a height-landing on their front paws, they can damage them. A number of large breeds and older animals have difficulties using stairs, you need to spare your pet.
Lameness of the front paws in dogs

Lameness of the front paws in dogs can indicate not only a banal injury, but also certain diseases. The animal’s health can be improved with the help of veterinarians, but with a number of diagnoses, full recovery is unfortunately impossible.

In any case, the owner of his dog can always help improve health with vitamin supplements, Canina Petvital Canhydrox GAG a drug that stimulates the growth and formation of bones, joints or a time-tested vitamin Supplement Calcium supplement 8 IN1 Excel.